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The Inventor Mentor

Dear Inventor,

The poet, Langston Hughes, wrote: "What happens to a dream deferred? Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun?" Don't let your invention dry up and die for lack of guidance. I promise that I'll do everything I can to help you succeed.

Why a mentor? Because the process of developing an invention, protecting it, and making money from either licensing it or producing it can be an expensive, hazardous, frustrating, and eventually futile process without expert guidance. A seasoned mentor will usually save you significant time, and more than his or her cost. More important, you'll see your invention on the market if it is at all possible.

You can learn almost all you need to know about protecting your invention (patenting it) from my free articles on this site. But did you know that filing for a patent is usually not the best first step? Many inventors come to me after spending three or four thousand dollars on a patent, and don't know what the next step should be. In some cases a patent was not only unnecessary, but was the wrong use of their money. That's just one of many examples of what can go wrong without expert guidance.

As your personal mentor I'll save you money and grief by recommending the best ethical sources of services for your plan. I have an extensive resource list of ethical and competent service people, including marketing agents. (I recommend these people because they are honest and competent. I do not take finder's fees or kickbacks from anyone. This leaves me free to remove from the list anyone who does not perform ethically and competently.)

As your personal mentor I'll review your invention, evaluate it, and prepare a custom plan, just for you. Your plan will show you the steps to follow in developing, protecting, and marketing it the most successful, least expensive way -- what to do next, and why.

For example, an inventor came to me not long ago wanting to license her invention. She already had her invention in production, and she wanted me to suggest a licensing agent. I did, but I also pointed out that her invention was particularly suited to catalog sales. I told her about the 15,000 catalogs in the U.S., and how to reach them. (Catalogs are more inventor-friendly than most other distribution channels. Catalogers thrive on novel products, and they work well with inventors and small businesses.) I also gave her the name of a cataloging agent. She was delighted, and decided to market through catalogers.

As your personal mentor I'm available by e-mail, telephone, or even face-to-face conferencing if you desire. I work alone. Do I hide behind a Post Office box number, or an unlisted telephone number? No. You may phone me at any time. My wife, Mary, or I answer our own phones.

Unlike the fellows who want $1,500 or more to get started, my fee is low, and you'll get every penny back if you aren't satisfied. The price is just $395. That's it. Only $395. If you want more consultation, I'll help you, of course. But I never pressure you to buy more. And the plan I send will be sufficiently detailed that very seldom does anyone need more.

Now, if you feel that you would like to go ahead with a confidential mentoring arrangement, simply e-mail me your name and address, and I'll mail you (via U.S. mail) my personally signed Confidentiality Agreement. After receiving the Agreement, mail me your drawings, sketches, written descriptions and specifications, etc., whatever you have, however informal. Also, fill out the brief questionnaire that comes with the Confidentiality Agreement. Give me a week or so for reviewing, and I'll prepare and mail your custom report.

That's about all I have to say. I've been at it a long time. I'm ethical. I never bug you to purchase more of my services. I'm affordable. And I don't cost; I pay by saving you money every step of the way. It won't cost you a penny if my plan doesn't please you.

Remember, just e-mail me your name and address, and I'll mail you my signed confidentiality agreement. My e-mail address is: Jack@inventor-mentor.com

Best wishes for successful inventing.