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About Jack's Column in Inventors' Digest

Inventors' Digest is the only magazine devoted exclusively to inventors in North America. The publisher, Joanne Hayes-Rines, works tirelessly to promote the needs of inventors. She lobbies congress and the Patent Office, and has contributed to the fairness of the laws and regulations that affect inventors. Unlike the "popular" magazines that appeal to inventors, Joanne does not accept advertising from service providers who are known to be unethical.

Joanne, and her husband, Bob Rines, participate in many inventor expositions and workshops, and is always happy to meet inventors, hear about their creations, and to personally sign them up for a subscription if they are not already subscribers.

If you aren't already a subscriber, you should be. This magazine is filled with advice that will save you money, and guide you to success.

To subscribe phone 1-800-838-8808.

Jack has written the featured column on prototyping for the past eight years, as well as an occasional book review and letter to the editor. He has formed friendships with many of the inventors who read his columns. As well as a contributor, Jack is an advertiser for his book, How to Finance Your Invention or Great Idea, and for his mentoring services, Inventor-mentor.com.